How Back-To-School Childrens Photography Has Changed

When I was raising my children, getting school portraits was relatively easy… you picked out their clothes the night before, filled out a simple form, and took your child to school. The photographer did the rest. How much easier could it be, right?

Yes, but every child got the same boring pose on the same boring background.

Today, technology has made getting your child’s school portrait exciting. Almost everyone has a camera that is capable of taking great photos that we can upload to our favorite photo sharing network, instantly documenting our child’s participation in school events.

Another fun advancement is Photoshop and the use of green screen technology. Green screen technology allows El Paso Portraits Photographers, April Melton and Paul Payne to take your child’s photo against a green backdrop and digitally insert any background you desire using specially designed software. Now your child and you have the freedom to create AMAZING school portraits that reflect your child’s personality!

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Leah Nelson - Back-To-School Portraits 2012

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