Why Choose Custom Photography?

Why choose custom photography?

Custom photography is a product and experience in which you get to choose the style and final look of your portraits. Many factors that ultimately make up your final portraits. These may include the photographer’s style, location of your portrait session, clothing, props, lighting, mood, your vision and the final products you desire.

Photographers that offer custom photography may have many different options available to you that fit their style or may have a very distinct style that you may like and choose. They have the ability to make your experience tailored just for you as opposed to the chain store time limits and crowds.

Imagine getting your family dressed and ready for your portrait session. Usually that is the most stressful part of any of my sessions. Then you walk into my studio which is ready to go and we start photographing. With family sessions, we are usually done in 30 minutes, sometimes longer and sometimes less. I have had many dads tell me that was pretty painless and thank me for making it sooo easy and not stressful. Mainly, this is because we have talked before the session and I know what direction we want to go and have it mentally planned out.

Custom photography requires a level of commitment, investment in time, money, and planning on the part of the client and requires a larger time commitment for the photographer as well. When you make an investment in photography, you want it to last a lifetime.

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