How do you take care of your portraits?

How do you take care of your portraits?

So now that you have these wonderful keepsake portraits, you must take care of them. This doesn’t entail a lot and will ensure the prints last a lifetime. You should handle your prints with care to avoid bending, denting and scratching. When possible avoid exposing your portraits to uv light, direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity. You can protect your prints by putting them behind glass with spacers. Do not stick the prints directly behind glass because they will eventually stick to the glass. Avoid contact with liquids and cleaners even if your print is sprayed or protected. Avoid touching prints with your fingers.

We do display many prints in our studios and on location with out glass. Any print we sell 11×14 and larger is mounted and sprayed for protection. This means it shouldn’t bubble over time and is protected just like glass, but you still can’t get it wet and it will scratch. We suggest you frame your portraits behind a non-glare glass for longevity. We also sell many gallery wrap canvases which are also protected and not suitable for protecting behind glass. These will also need to stay dry and can scratch.

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