Why does it take so long?

Why does it take so long?

When you place your order with your photographer, they may tell you it will take 4-6 weeks to get your portraits back. It may seem like an eternity to you, but that is very reasonable for a custom photographer. Part of the reason you have chose custom photography is the high quality of the products. This is where a good deal of the time you are investing in is spent. Photographers spend many hours in their digital darkroom processing and editing portraits. They will remove stray hairs, acne or blemishes and bags under your eyes as well as correct and enhance the colors and make your portraits pop! This is their artistic style that they put on your portraits. This is why you picked that specific photographer!

Once they are ready to order your prints, they send the files off to the professional lab of their choice and wait for them to come back. Then they will inspect your portrait to make sure your print is outstanding. Next they carefully package it all up for you to come and pick up! Everyone loves to get a present and feel like royalty when picking up a package they will be so proud of.

Keep in mind the turnaround time if you need to order portraits for a specific event or holiday. Ask your photographer up front what the time will be and then let them know that you need your portraits by that date. If you want holiday cards in December, you might want to talk to your photographer in September or October to book your session. Many photographers are booked out a while and only take appointments.

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