What can I do with my portrait?

What can I do with my portrait?

Photographs are an art form, the creation of which involves vision, skill, artistry, and effort. As such, photographs (both digital and printed) are protected by United States Copyright law. Unauthorized copying, printing or duplication of photographs is in violation of the law and affects a photographers livelihood, reputation and ability to continue to produce high quality artwork.

Copyright of all images by your photographer remains with your photographer and they may not be reproduced in any form without their express written permission. This includes printing them from home printers or from photo labs, photocopying, scanning, or otherwise copying digital or printed photographs, emailing or including digital photographs within other digital files and otherwise sharing and distributing digital or printed images in any unauthorized manner.

Yep. That is the legal mumbo jumbo! This is your photographer’s artwork and every reproduction of it affects the photographer. How, you ask? When you scan or take a photo of the artwork, the quality degrades. Then when you print it from that scan, it degrades again. So we know you want to show it off and share your portraits, but we can’t have you sharing the degraded copies of our work. If you choose to purchase a digital copy, you will receive a limited release with reproduction rights. This means that you can print the file as many times as you want up to whatever size is stated on the release. You can not sell or profit from this file. The photographer still owns the copyright to the image, they are just granting you the right to print it.

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