Custom Photography Advantages

Custom Photography Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of going with a custom photographer is time. You are not rushed to make a decision to purchase. You are well educated through the process to learn about what the photographer offers and what you might need. Photographers often keep your portraits for a longer time than the chain stores, so you can reorder if you would need to. This does not guarantee that all photographers do this and that your photos will be available forever. With technology changing so rapidly, photographers really don’t know how long they can keep your portraits. They have to invest in the software and storage space to keep your portraits so there may be a fee to reorder at a later date.

Another great perk is seeing your family portrait around town or receiving it in the mail. Most custom photographers will ask you to sign a model release. This is to let them use your images as marketing for their studio. You might see your portrait on a billboard, emails, postcards, in business displays or at local events! Imagine your children’s .faces when they see their photo on a billboard or sign! A lot of times, you can purchase a studio sample once the photographer is finished with it!

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