A REAL Conversation with a REAL Client

A REAL Conversation with a REAL Client

El Paso Newborn Baby Photography Session in El Paso TX

Jaeden’s Newborn Baby Photography Session in El Paso TX

I have a fun photography project coming up and at 6:35pm, I wanted to invite one of my favorite clients to come to the event, so I got on facebook and messaged her.

Her name is Alison and her husband is currently deployed. She has this gorgeous little newborn baby boy that I got to photograph during their pre-deployment session.

I don’t always get to hear what my clients really think of me and so I wanted to share this conversation with you because it really moved me!

So Here goes:

April: Hi, Alison! Was wondering when you are coming back to El Paso?

Alison: Hi April! Jaeden and I will be back early December and Kenny will return middle of December!

April: Awwh, I was hoping you’d be back by the 17th of November. I am doing a Boudoir Marathon and I thought you would have fun. But remember, you get a free session when Kenny comes home! Have a great night! April

Alison: Oh, man! I keep seeing all these fun things you have been doing. I hope you keep doing them and that you are doing well! Well definitely book with you when he gets back! Thanks for thinking of us!

April: I will keep doing them until I die I think… So if you stop hearing from me, something horrible has happened and you missed my funeral. Lol.

Alison: Oh goodness! We dont want any of that to happen!

April: Right! I have too many more clients to take care of.

Alison: And we all love you and your AMAZING talents!

April: Thank you so much… my clients will NEVER really understand what that means to me when they say that.

I was at my reserve unit, talking with a friend and she says, “It great to hear your business is doing so well.” And another Sergeant popped her head over her cubicle and interrupts, “Have you seen her pictures? I don’t have any kids but she makes me want to have one just so she can take pictures of it.”

I was floored. This gal is a friend on facebook but we don’t socialize together. I didn’t even know she knew what I did for a living, let alone that she wants a baby for me to take a picture of.

Alison: You really do! The pictures you take are breathtaking! I love when you put up sneak peaks for families and events you have been to. You have such a beautiful view of this world and of every person you take pictures of! I still cry looking at the pictures you took of Jaeden!

April: Alison, I have to tell you that your family is VERY important to me too because it was that picture I did of Jaeden when he was so tiny that got me started really wanting to do fun, creative, memorable newborn pictures.

Alison: Awe oh my god, that makes my heart so happy!

April: Did I ever tell you that I have 5 kids and 2 grand daughters. They don’t live with me and when I get to photograph children in other families, I fills my heart with joy because I miss my own kids.

Alison: I knew you had kids, but not grand kids! I’m glad that makes you happy, I know that would deter many people for the same reason as you do it! You are a very strong, impressive, amazing woman.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the end of this long page! I would really love to meet you and your family. I look forward to building the same relationship with you that I have built with Alison. So if you are interested in having me photograph your newborn baby or your family, please schedule a pre-portrait consultation.

A REAL Conversation with a REAL Client


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