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“If finding your best friend, the love of your life, or your soul mate online is really important to you, don’t you want to make the best first impression you can?”

Are you single and dating? Looking for friends on social media and or the perfect mate on a dating web site?

I am and as a photographer, I look at profile pictures with a kind of critical eye. Lol.

I wonder, “What were they trying to tell me when they chose and posted that picture?”

Of course, you’ve heard that old cliche, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” What are you saying with your pictures?

There are lots of AMAZING, friendly people out there looking for a girl or guy friend, a lover, a soul mate – but they might not get the attention they deserve because of a lousy profile picture.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to Carlos!

Carlos approached me about creating some images for social media. As we chatted, I learned that what he called social media was really for dating web sites to attract a certain kind of woman – a woman who was intelligent, fun and had class. He brought me a print out of her profile and showed me that she had several different kinds of pictures – some with her grandchild, some with her dog, some in her home, some professionally done in a studio. And he wanted to replicate those types of photographs.

He also brought some sample pictures to his pre-portrait consultation – the photos were of some of his favorite actors (Sean Connery and George Clooney) in some of his favorite roles.

So Carlos’s plan was to create social media and dating web site images in a variety of outfits and poses that looked like they had been created at different times – so a couple could be done in the studio but mostly, he wanted to look interesting, casual, friendly and inviting outside of a studio environment.

Now for the really hard part, Carlos was camera shy and told me he didn’t have any good pictures of himself, mainly because “he didn’t take good pictures.” But he was willing to be fearless and brave to overcome his fear. And I assured him that “Subjects don’t take bad pictures, bad photographers take bad pictures.” A good photographer is like buying good makeup – the right one will make you feel at ease while bringing out your best features and concealing your “little flaws and blemishes.”

During our pre-portrait consultation we came up with a plan to meet Carlos’s goals and set a date for his session.

He arrived with lots of clothing styles, jewelry, watches and a bundle of nervousness but you can’t tell it from the photos.

Check out the gallery below of the pictures that Carlos chose from his photography session to include in his social media profiles and on dating web sites.

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