Time is Flying!

Time is flying

Where did summer go? A minute ago school was out; now it’s August! That’s how our kids’ lives are too, isn’t it? One minute they’re in diapers; the next, it’s the first day of school. Look at the portraits around your home, and you can see how your children have changed over the months and years.

That’s the beauty of photography — it instantly brings to mind that one moment in time, that special instant that’s preserved forever. From that tooth-free smile to their silliest situations, capture them while you can.

Time is against you in the race to capture their youth. Fortunately, there’s still time to set up a summer portrait session.

It’s amazing how quickly they grow and change—and amazing how easy it is to miss it. Don’t let the special times pass you by. Keep those moments close to your heart forever with a family booking.

Our sessions usually book out two weeks in advance, so call today at (915) 820-8716 to schedule or for your convenience, use our online calendar to schedule your session at http://epportraits.bookmonline.com/schedules!

Time is flying


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