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Well into her 90’s, my grandma always mailed out Holiday cards to the whole family – six grown children, all 14 grandchildren, numerous great grandchildren and to many more friends who are probably too many to count.

I’m 47 and all of my adult life, I remember a little envelope arriving in the mail with a personal, handwritten note that got a little more shaky each year. I know when I was very young, I’d tear open the envelope to stare wide eyed at the crisp $5 bill inside, tossing the card amidst the ribbon and wrapping paper. And later, when I was raising my children, I’d rush to the mailbox to look for the card and the check that meant I could spend a little more on the kid’s Christmas presents or pay an extra bill, but now I put the card into a safe place.

Then the kids were grown and I realized the cards were a joy to receive… a break from the monotony of bills and catalogues. A simple reminder that she still loved me and wanted to share herself with me even though we hadn’t seen or talked to each other in a long time.

This past June, my Grandma passed away at the age of 100. And this December, I kept envisioning a red envelope sitting in my mailbox – waiting for me to come downstairs and retrieve it. No longer for the money that might be inside but because I miss her. And I have had to remind myself that this year, there will be no card.

Nowadays, everyone is busy spending more money than they’d like around the holidays as it is. So finding the time and budget to get organized to send out Holiday cards out can seem like an added stress. Plus in a world full of electronic devices and apps like text messages, Skype, videos – that allow us to instantly connect with our loved ones – it seems like a hassle to go to the trouble of buying cards, writing notes, buying postage and licking stamps.

Which begs the question, do you send out holiday cards? Or New Year’s cards? Who do you send to? Do you include a photo of your family, you and your significant other, you and a pet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, please share below!

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