7 Ways Digital Portrait Magic makes your Corporate Photos look better

What is Digital Portrait Magic?

If you’re like most business professionals, you’d probably rather go to the Dentist than have your photo taken for the company web site. After all, you may think you have much more productive things on your schedule than immortalizing that blemish on your nose or circles under your eyes.

But let me assure you… I take great pride in my photography and want nothing but the best for my clients. When I capture your image, I want your images to “look like you, but on your very best day” so I analyze each selected image and determine how retouching and artwork may best enhance it – especially for my corporate business and headshot clients as these images are usually cropped close to the face and used for sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even dating sites like Match.com.

El Paso Portraits Signature Digital Portrait Magic is a 10 step portrait retouching process that includes things like light blending of facial lines, softening of eye bags, whitening eyes and teeth, removing blemishes, lengthening or darkening eyelashes and removing facial shine. Our Visual Magic is complimentary and included on any image you select.

Check out the two Before & Afters below. Click the images to enlarge them and see the differences.

What is Digital Portrait Magic?

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