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Warehouse Sessions| Father’s Day Mini Sessions

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Why I use CoSchedule – The Best Blogging Tool EVER!

Why I use CoSchedule – The Best Blogging Tool EVER! As a self-employed children’s photographer – I’m a one-woman show and I wear many, many hats. In just one single day, I go from meeting with one client to photographing another and editing their images, then trying to keep up with my accounting, blogging and […]

Grand Dad’s Garage Modeling Sessions

Hi! El Paso Portraits currently needs 3 boys to serve as models to help us showcase our brand new set – called, Grand Dad’s Garage! HOW IT WORKS: When I purchase a new photography set – like Grand Dad’s Garage – I need to produce marketing materials so these FREE sessions are a chance for […]

Arrival of 70 New & Unique Studio Backgrounds | Exclusively at El Paso Portraits

Environmental Available Exclusively at El Paso Portraits Photography & Design Studio

Here at El Paso Portraits, I pride myself on owning the most innovative studio in El Paso and through the use of our Hollywood style equipment, a Virtual Background Machine, I am able to do just that! In addition to our “Solid Color” Collection and our “Universe Collection”, we just received 70 new backgrounds to […]

Happy Mother’s Day from El Paso Portraits

Wishing you a fabulous Mother's Day 2016

Hey, Mom! No sales pitch, no portrait ad… Just a special thought from me to you. For all the wonderful things you do. Kids aren’t born with a guide but You are the… Mom, Housekeeper, Chef, Teacher, Nurse, Coach, Chauffeur, Story Teller, Monster Killer, Cookie-Maker, Bill Payer, Planner, Judge, Jury, Executioner, Organizer, Decorator, Crafter, Best […]

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