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wall portrait collection for young families

wall portrait collection for young families

Family Photography | Family Portraits | Family Photographers

Family portraits that capture your unique style, personality, and emotion

Welcome. Thank you for visiting El Paso Portraits Photography Studio & Design and the family photography of April Melton.

April believes that family photos play a vital role in building your family’s history. They are a gift you give to yourself and your children.

Properly designed, executed, fit and finished, family portraits make elegant wall art for home decor.

El Paso Portraits Photography Studio & Design is a wall art portrait studio. April’s passion and speciality is creating family portraits as wall art with companion image albums. Families often work with April when it is time to create and invest in family portraits for their home that go beyond the everyday. It is a special event that brings your family closer together, a family gift that preserves a moment in time to be remembered and celebrated.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. If it is your dream to own elegant family portraits that you will be proud to display in your home, El Paso family photographer April Melton can not wait to share her story and her work with you. Call 915-820-8716 or contact us by email to discuss your family photography with April.

"I search for ways to set myself apart… My goal is to create family portraits that are creatively designed, express my client’s lifestyle, and are fully coordinated to match their home decor. I seek to establish a means of communicating with my clients that results in artful collaboration often doing several camera studies, then working with clients to select elements from each to combine into the perfect family portraits. I believe that properly designed and orchestrated, a family portrait session is a special event that brings your family closer together, a family gift that preserves a moment in time to be remembered and celebrated. The families I work with value quality and understand that more is more. They are willing to invest in family portraits that are one of a kind."~ April Melton

There are three location choices for your family portraits. April can work with you in studio, outdoors, or at your home. Family portrait sessions on location and inside of the El Paso Metro area DO NOT incur additional sitting fees. Call 915-820-8716 or contact us discuss your family photography ideas with April.

How April Works with You to Create Your Family Portraits

Working with April Melton to create your family portraits involves a step-by-step process that ensure that you and your family have fun and create family portraits you will love:

Step 1: Participate in a family photography design consultation with April over the phone or in your home.

Your family photography design consultation allows you to express your likes, dislikes, and preferences to clarify with April what is important to you and what you want your family portraits to say about your family. During your family photography design consultation, you will review samples of April’s family portraits to help give you ideas for the style and location of your family photography. You will think through with April where you plan to display your family portraits in your home, the colors they should involve, and your clothing choices.

“We love the photography experience that we shared with April. We were all very tired from an extremely busy day and she immediately made all of us feel relaxed and right at home! Her professionalism coupled with her sincere dedication to incredible customer service resulted in one of the best family portraits we have had in years. We highly recommend her
to all families!” – The McHugh Family, Ft. Bliss, TX

Step 2: Secure your family photography session with payment to guarantee a position on April’s calendar

Step 3: Schedule a date and time for your family photography

The location where your family portraits are taken depends on you, and together with April you will choose a date that is workable. There are three location choices for your family portraits. April can work with you in studio, outdoors, or in and around your home. Studio sessions allow April the most control of lighting and backgrounds. April recommends the studio for clients who want to create classic family portraits with dramatic lighting framed by custom hand-painted backgrounds. An outdoor location is a good choice if you want to create stunning environmental family portraits that capture the outdoors or the Franklin Mountains as a scene. Finally, your home is a terrific option and is an excellent choice for families wanting lifestyle family portraits in and around their beautiful home. The best time to do family portraits outdoors is either in the early morning or at sunset when the light begins to soften.

Step 4: Select the family portraits you like during your review session

Following your family photography session, we will schedule a time for you to get together with April and reveal your images in the comfort of your own home. April takes lots of images; she then edits them ruthlessly to select the very best of the best for your review. During your portrait reveal session, you will review your family’s images on yor television screen, select the family portraits you like, and place your order. Once your payment is recorded, you will receive an invoice outlining the details of your order.

Depending on the size, style, and finish of your family portraits, it may take between 3 to 5 weeks to complete your order. If you live outside the El Paso Metro area or out of state other options for viewing, selecting, and ordering your family portraits can be arranged.

Family Photography Print Packages

Answering the question “How much is a family photography session with El Paso family photographer April Melton?” is kind of like trying to answer “How much is dinner at a fine restaurant?”

The answer is that it’s all up to you. There is a nominal session fee, as outlined above. Next, you may choose how little or how much you would like to budget toward wall art, desktop prints, and frames. There is no minimum purchase required. Click here to schedule your FREE Pre-Portrait Consultation.

The fine print: The family photography session fee covers the creative process only and does not include finished art pieces. No image files or prints are included in session fees. All images and prints are sold separately. While rescheduling is generally not a problem, all session fees are prepaid and non-refundable. Family portrait sessions on location and outside of the El Paso Metro area incur additional sitting fees and may be subject to a minimum purchase requirement. Prices are subject to change without notice. Finally, it is agreed that rights to exclusive ownership and use of original images is reserved by El Paso Portrait Photography Studio for display, publicity or otherwise. If you do not wish us to use your images, simply let us know prior to your session.

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