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Maternity Photography : Pregnancy Photography

Maternity photography as elegant keepsakes to share with your child one day


Welcome. Thank you for visiting El Paso Portraits Photography Studio & Design and the maternity photography of April Melton.

Pregnancy is a unique life experience, a miracle of new life growing inside you and the beauty that it brings. This is your chance to celebrate your pregnancy and have beautiful keepsakes created to remind you of this special time in your life and to share with your child one day. April Melton’s specializes in creating maternity photography as elegant and timeless keepsakes that are creatively designed and captures your beauty, making April Melton one of the most sought after El Paso maternity photographers.

If you aspire to own elegant and timeless maternity photography that captures the beauty of your pregnancy as timeless keepsakes that you can share with your child one day, call 915-820-8716 or contact us by email to discuss your plans with April Melton.

April’s maternity photography session is a 90-minute in-studio pregnancy photography session focused on documenting your beauty during pregnancy. Maternity photographer April Melton uses sophisticated studio lighting, custom painted backdrops, and creative techniques and posing to create elegant and timeless pregnancy photography that captures your beauty. Available Monday through Friday, some evenings and weekends. All images and prints are priced and sold separately. Call 915-820-8716 or contact us by email to discuss your pregnancy photography session with April Melton. Click here to schedule a FREE Pre-Portrait Consultation

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Why Maternity Photography?

Why not pregnancy photography? Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in you life. During other milestones of life, like graduating high school and college, engagement, and marriage, it is common to have professional photographs taken to commemorate the experience. It seems only natural to include maternity photography as well. Besides, you will never look more alive than when you are pregnant. The hormonal changes to your body will make you hair thicker, your complexion may low, and many people share the opinion that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman.


When to Have Your Pregnancy Photography Taken?


You will want to wait until close to the end of your pregnancy, between 30-37 weeks, for maternity photography to be most effective; after all, the whole point is to capture your belly for posterity. This is especially true if your pregnant state does not show much during your early months of pregnancy.

What to Expect from Your Maternity Photography Session?

Having your pregnancy photography taken while you are pregnant is really no different than any other trip to the photographer. The more natural you look, the better the photos will turn out. You can choose to dress up or dress down. You can even have a tastefully semi-nude or nude shots taken. Click here to schedule a FREE Pre-Portrait Consultation

Maternity Photography Print Packages

Answering the question “How much is a pregnancy photography session?” is kind of like trying to answer “How much is dinner at a fine restaurant?” The answer is that it’s all up to you. There is a nominal session fee, as outlined above; next, you may choose how little or how much you would like to budget toward prints, canvases, wall art or other items. Your investment can be anywhere from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand. But El Paso Portraits offers print packages to meet every objective and budget so you are sure to walk away from your time spent with some wonderful maternity photos. There is no minimum purchase required for your maternity photography session.

The fine print: The pregnancy photography session fee covers the creative process only and does not include finished art pieces from your maternity photography session. No image files or prints are included in session fees. All images and prints are sold separately. While rescheduling is generally not a problem, all session fees are prepaid and non-refundable. Additional charges may be incurred for travel time and expenses when outside of the El Paso Metro area. Prices are subject to change without notice. Also, it is agreed that rights to exclusive ownership and use of original images is reserved by El Paso Portraits for display, publicity or otherwise from your maternity photography session. If you do not wish us to use your images, simply let us know prior to your session. Click here to schedule a Pre-Portrait Consultation

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